Southbend A Middleby Corporation Company
1100 Old Honeycutt Road,  Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
(919) 762-1000 phone (919) 762-1121 fax
      Customer Service:
Help Line: (919)-762-1000 Option 1
    Angela Black Customer Care Specialist  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1053  
    Larue McRae Customer Care Specialist  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1032  
    Jocelyn Perkins Customer Care Specialist  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1037  
    Jessie Bradley Customer Care Specialist  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1038  
    Jon Storer International and Chain Sales Specialist  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1040  
Technican Service:
Help Line: (919)-762-1000 Option 2
Jeff Bartley Technical Service - West Coast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1034
Paul Allison Technical Service - Northeast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1039
Charles White Technical Service - Southeast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1043
Randy Warren Technical Service - Mid West  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1036
After Hours Calls Technical Service - After Hours Cell Phone     Mobile: 919-909-1384

Parts Service:
Help Line: (919)-762-1000 Option 3

    James Baker Parts Identification  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1023  
    Main Office Front Desk     Direct: 919-762-1000  
    John Perruccio President  email  Skype Me™! Mobile: 561-843-1133  
    Phil Tribel General Manager  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1046  
    Kathy Gross Human Resources Manager  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1011  
    Rob Taylor Director of Services  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1021  
    Nick Dennis Director of Operations  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1022  
    CL Woodward VP of Business Development  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1088  
    Mike Cervantes VP of Regional Sales - West  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1085  
    Philip Campanella VP of Regional Sales - Southeast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1086  
    Bryant Woolcock VP of Regional Sales - Mountain West, Southwest, Gulf Coast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1084  
    Robert Tribfelner VP of Regional Sales - NYC, NJ, E. PA, DE, OH, KY  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1080  
    Chris Reeves VP of Regional Sales - Upper Midwest  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1087  
    Dale Attili VP of Regional Sales - Northeast  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1131  
    Steve Fabretti VP of Regional Sales - MD, VA, NC, SC  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1057  
    Jason Hall VP of Research and Culinary Development  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1083  
    Marvin Walden Sales Engineering Manager  email  Skype Me™! Direct: 919-762-1014  

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