Please, have a seat at the table. My name is Jason D. Hall - CMC, and I am happy you're here. It is my pleasure to be able to share with you all valuable items that extend far past our equipment and the support that I personally provide through Middleby. It’s my intention to use this platform to showcase what we do but also to give you access to my personal recipes which will be added to often and as new things are developed. I will also share with you the resources that I personally use, from Chef Certification to vendor resources, this is here for you to get you to one step closer to finding solutions for your kitchen. Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions, I am here to support you and your goals.

Chef Jason's Bio

Jason Hall earned an associate degree from Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, Pittsburgh, in 1995. His career has taken him throughout the United States cooking in a variety of high end private country clubs and restaurants, from Ohio to California, The Carolinas and Florida.

Currently Jason is the Vice President of Research and Culinary Development at Southbend/Crown Steam and Firex.

Hall holds more than 25 ACF and international competition medals. He has been recognized for his work with the Northeast Florida Culinary Apprenticeship Committee. Chef Hall has done charitable work with, Habitat for Humanity, James F. Holland Foundation, Rally for a Cure-Susan G. Komen Foundation, Flagler County Education Foundation, and Feed Flagler.

In August of 2012 Hall successfully passed the Certified Master Chef Exam (CMC®) at the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, becoming the 77th chef to pass the test.
In 2013 Jason was selected to be a member of the exclusive ACF Culinary Team USA 2016 that represented the United States in international cooking competitions across the globe. In November of 2015 Team USA won third place overall at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg with double gold medals and attaining the highest score out of all nations in the cold food category. In October 2016 the team again dominated the cold food/culinary art category as world champions placing first in the world out of 42 countries and placing 4th overall at IKA (The culinary olympics) in Erfurt Germany.

Currently Jason is the Chairman of the Board of AMCO (American Master Chefs Order) where he developed and provides a webinar called the “CMC-Pre Plan” for chefs preparing for the exam.
Chef Hall also serves on the ACF Certification Subcommittee to further develop chefs in this country and assist in the development of these programs.

In June of 2016 Jason was again selected to represent the USA along with another member from the ACF Team in a 2-chef format at the ICC in Lyon, France where the two chefs placed 4th.

Most recently, Chef Hall has signed on to be an advisor for Culinary Team USA 2024.

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About Chef Jason's Podcasts:

Upon the COVID-19 pandemic effecting our beloved food service industry and the massive blow it has taken to our colleagues and craft, AMCO (The American Master Chefs Order) felt it necessary to begin a podcast weekly interviewing industry professionals as well as those who support us.  These include a CPA, Presidents of food distribution companies, and a wide range of culinary professionals, getting their perspective and sharing their plans and resources with all of our listeners via the AMCO website.  As this initiative progresses the platform will be used for education purposes, including interviewing CMC’s and discussing their path and the support mechanisms in place for future candidates to approach the exam.  This is led by the AMCO Chairman of the Board Jason D Hall, CMC, also the chair of this social media outlet Anthony Seta, CMC and the developer and manager of the content Gerald Ford, CMC.  Please go to the website and choose from the list under the “podcast tab”, all resources spoken about with our guests including links to products they are using and support materials are under the “resources tab”.

Upon the completion of the COVID based podcasts MC Ford and MC Hall, launched a new series “The CMC Pre-Plan” which discusses the approach to the test in a 6 part series.  Go to the “resources tab” to find them under “exam preparation”.

Southbend is the proud Ring Sponsor of the American Master Chefs Order.

Middleby is a Cornerstone Sponsor of the American Master Chefs Order.


Chef Jason's

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ACF and Certification

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Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil

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The Chefs Garden

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