A Delicious Experience with our New Convection Oven’s Touch Controls!

For this month’s Master Series Recipe, I wanted to showcase the ability of the new touch controls of the Southbend Convection Ovens. This month’s recipe is for a Butter Roasted Pork Loin. Classically this is a play off the dish Pork Poele. I have always loved making this dish both at the Country Clubs through the years and for friends when we are entertaining.

The new Touchscreen Control on our Southbend convection ovens gives complete control and consistency to any operation no matter who the user is. I can now stage multiple trays of product and use the rack timer to ensure no matter what is taken out of the oven first, the other items still have control using their individual timers. I can build multiple custom programs for repeat cooking and have the same results no matter who is loading the oven.

Butter Roasted Pork Loin

I chose this recipe for a couple of reasons, first, it’s delicious, and second, using the new touch controls I can execute this more efficiently. The touch control allows you to build a multistep recipe. This benefits items that have or need various changes throughout the cooking process. As you will read in the recipe, I sear the pork traditionally on the stove top, but using the new oven, I can program the sear in the oven, and then program the next step of removing it, adding the vegetables, and so on. For a cook on their first day this recipe might be a challenge with all the steps and remembering to baste the pork every 10 minutes, but not if I have programmed my new Southbend Touch Control Oven to handle the heavy lifting and that frees me up as the Chef to focus on other important needs in my kitchen.


I hope you enjoy it and until next month keep cooking!


-Chef Jason

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