Steak with Compound Butter Prepared with Our New Electric Broiler

Happy New Year Everyone!


I am excited to kick off the year with the first Master Series Blog featuring our new Electric Broiler! We are proud to showcase the first-ever Electric Broiler by Southbend. Once again, our engineers have developed a product that meets the growing needs of the industry while giving the customer all the firepower they need to produce a high-quality product, drawing on our legacy of excellence in broiler manufacturing for the past 100 years.

With the same unmatched high-temperature cooking, consistency, and recovery time, this broiler takes the lead in the market for any volume operation looking to evolve its steak program to the next level. This broiler has no flare-ups, no fumes, and the same footprint and capacity as our gas broilers, with a top rack temperature of 1000°F.

It was exciting for me to see this broiler come to life. It is truly one-of-a-kind and will undoubtedly lead the market for any operation looking to evolve its steak program while maintaining a fully electric operation.

Compound Butter Recipe

The recipe I am featuring is a simple one. In my opinion, the best thing on a perfectly cooked steak is a great compound butter. It gives subtle nuances to enhance the natural flavor of the high-quality product without masking or overpowering it. It’s easy to make a pound or two at home and store it in an airtight container in your freezer for future use. Simply pull it out about an hour before you are ready to serve your family or guests, and you are good to go!


-Chef Jason

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