Grill to Perfection: Charbroilers and Skirt Steak Pinwheel Recipe

Happy Memorial Day!

For this month’s Master Series, I wanted to focus on grilling, specifically our Counterline Charbroilers from Southbend. 

In my years in private country clubs and working on a large variety of equipment, my favorite thing about our Southbend Charbroilers is the consistency and evenness of heat. 

Throughout my years of cooking, someone often referred to the “hot spot” on the grill. I would see this 24″ or 36″ unit and think to myself what a waste of space if I can only use that small area to put great grill marks on my food products. Not to mention if I needed to mark off sheet trays worth, how long would that take to accomplish if you can only use a small area? Or do you just commit to less-than-superior results to save time? Either decision was a bad one, sacrificing quality for time benefits?

With Southbend if you purchase a 36″ Charbroiler, you get the maximum workable surface area of the unit to cook how you want. If you need all of it to be searing hot to mark your items you have it. If you want to control your heat and have one zone to mark the items and another lower for carryover, you can have that too. Our Southbend Charbroilers are built to fit your needs and give you the results you want every time.


Skirt Steak Pinwheels

My recipe this month is a play-off of “Steak with Peppers and Onions” and a great one for your Memorial Day cookout that your guests and family are sure to love.

Until next month, keep cooking!

-Chef Jason


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