How to choose the right commercial kitchen equipment for your business

Starting a catering or restaurant business can be exciting and lucrative. One of the most crucial components of establishing your business is having the proper commercial kitchen equipment. The quality and effectiveness of your meal preparation, as well as your overall financial performance, will be influenced by the equipment you choose. Below are some guidelines for choosing the ideal commercial kitchen equipment for your business:

  1. Menu Planning. Choosing your menu is the first step in choosing the appropriate equipment. What kinds of dishes are you going to serve? What techniques for cooking will you employ? For instance, if you’re serving pastries, you’ll need a convection oven that cooks evenly consistently, whereas if you’re serving steaks, you’ll need a steakhouse broiler that can sear steak quickly.

  2. Smart Design. You must purchase equipment that will fit in your kitchen space while also providing enough room for your personnel to operate comfortably. To maximize the efficiency of your kitchen, take measurements and the location of the equipment into account. Southbend provides ranges that have a 32″ footprint, but offer the same standard top configurations and oven capacity as a 36″ range.

  3. Invest in Quality. The success of your restaurant depends on your ability to invest in high-quality equipment. Equipment that is long-lasting, dependable, and simple to maintain is what you want to choose. Southbend offers a vast array of equipment to meet the ever-increasing demands of high-volume commercial kitchens while exceeding customer expectations of reliable performance and durability.

  4. Energy Efficiency. Investing in energy-efficient equipment can help you reduce your environmental impact while saving money on your utility costs. Search for equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR® label or complies with other energy-saving requirements. Our Energy Star Qualified Convection Ovens are simple and effective, ensuring even baking and saving on operation costs. This consistent dependability helps reduce your food, labor, and energy costs.

  5. The Bells and Whistles. In addition to the major pieces of equipment, don’t forget about utensils, sheet pans, and fry baskets. These things might appear insignificant, yet they have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your kitchen.


At Southbend, you may find restaurant ranges, convection ovens, broilers, and other commercial kitchen equipment. We use state-of-the-art technology to build our equipment, which produces results that are dependable and consistent. With our battery assistance program, we can offer customized solutions to satisfy the specific needs of your company. To learn more about our products and how we can help you choose the best equipment for your restaurant or foodservice operation, get in contact with us today.