Introducing New Touchscreen Controls for Convection Ovens

Finding ways to improve productivity and streamline your commercial kitchen has never been more important. Whether you are experiencing rising energy costs or staffing shortages, finding the perfect commercial kitchen equipment can help. Here at Southbend, we have the ideal solution to these issues.

Our brand-new touchscreen convection ovens significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce labor in your kitchen. Read on to learn how our new convection ovens with touchscreen controls can help your business.

Meet Our New Touchscreen Convection Ovens

Introducing our new touchscreen convection ovens, our latest innovation to make life in your kitchen easier.

Our wide range of new touchscreen convection ovens is set to revolutionize your business.

Discover a host of features and benefits that will improve productivity in your kitchen.


Three Cooking Modes

Our touchscreen convection ovens have three different cooking modes for you to select from, allowing you greater control:

Manual Mode

Operate cooking controls manually. Easily set cook time, temperature, blower speed, delay time before cook, and blower pulse (intermittent fan and heat source ON/OFF.).

Recipe Mode

User-created recipes, either manually entered or imported by service USB, to cook with the press of a button.

Rack Mode

Group user-created recipes, assign rack positions, and the controls will let you know when to remove your product.

User-Friendly Controls and Display

The 4.3-inch touchscreen has a full-color display with easy-to-operate controls that helps to automate the cooking process. This clever feature makes the oven easy for everyone to use without hours of training.


Reduced Product Waste

Touchscreen operation puts you in complete control when cooking with the new Southbend convection oven. More control means that it is easier to get perfect results every time, helping you to reduce product waste caused by imperfect results when cooking.

Save Energy

Energy costs are soaring right now, but you can make considerable energy savings of up to 20% per unit when using our touchscreen convection ovens.

Improve Productivity

Get new employees working competently in your kitchen faster with help from our easy-to-operate touchscreen ovens. There’s no need to spend hours training when a convection oven is this user-friendly.


The full-color display touchscreen enables you to cook perfectly every time at the touch of a button, thanks to automated programs.

Enhanced Control When Cooking

The ability to select from one of three cooking modes puts you in complete control in the kitchen. You will easily be able to manage cooking a range of recipes and different timings all at once.