Master Series – July

For this month’s Master Series Recipes, I wanted to first focus on the summer season and specifically the 4th of July. When I think of my days back in country clubs I think of massive cookouts, multiple locations, and exceptional picnic-style food. In that element of my life, myself and my team always tried to take what was considered normal fare for that occasion and step it up somehow. These two recipes are no exception, although they are both newer they are influenced by that same thought process.

Grilled Mexican Corn

The first is my take on Mexican Corn. For this recipe, I used the Southbend Chargrill. Grilling and uniformity in grilling have always been a massive focus. I always cringe when someone says “well the hot spot is in the upper left”… You mean I have a 36 inch chargrill that I can only benefit from high heat in one area?? Not in the Southbend world. Our chargrills are uniform in heat so you maximize the workspace. The corn uniformly cooks on this no matter the location placement of the food. Now for some notes on the recipe. Pre-Covid, myself and the Southbend team whenever we were together at the factory had a favorite spot to eat where we would always order at least 2 full portions of queso fundido chorizo. This corn recipe has the addition of crumbled chorizo and fire-roasted poblano peppers in ode to all those dinners!

Heavy duty Charbroilers Download recipe

Cauliflower Potato Salad

Secondly this month I did a Cauliflower Potato Salad in the ETP-10 Steamer from Market Forge. In regard to my equipment choice, steaming vegetables and potatoes, etc. is underrated. In culinary school, you are taught to blanch your vegetables in salted boiling water then shock them in ice water. This also cooks out a large number of nutrients from the food we want to consume. Steaming drastically reduces the nutrient loss of the products we choose to steam. The reason I used the ETP is also because of its hold function. The ETP can be converted into a holding cabinet with the flip of a switch. I like to mix my potato salad while it is still warm. The function lets me hold the potatoes and cauliflower until I was ready to use them. This recipe is inspired by a warm cauliflower terrine we did for the Culinary World Cup when I was on the US Culinary Olympic Team. It has the addition of capers, lemon, red onions, red and Yukon potatoes, and of course cauliflower!

Until next month, keep cooking!!


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