Master Series – October

For this month’s Master Series Recipes, I wanted to not only make some great food but also focus on a couple of pieces of equipment that are my “go-to’s”.


First, I wanted to feature the TruVection oven by Southbend. Its versatility and even cooking are perfect for this dish. In the TruVection I did a spin on Ratatouille (no pun intended) by making pinwheels out of all the vegetables for a new look to this classic. It perfectly circulated the air around the product giving it an amazing uniform finish.

Truvection Download recipe

Steamed Asparagus

Secondly, I want to highlight the Sirius and Altair units by Market Forge with this Low-Temperature Steamed Asparagus Dish. In setting 1 on this unit you are able to low temperature steam at 180F. Why is this important? Lower temperature steaming on delicate green vegetables preserves the integrity of the vitamins and minerals in the vegetable so that you are consuming the full benefits of the food. That being said the customer is going to taste things like spinach, carrots, asparagus in an entirely new way, more cell structure in the food since high heat is not being applied which ruptures those cells and has a negative effect on texture and flavor. This unit in setting 2 steams at 212F, and in setting 3 will “super-steam” at 227F for cooking or retherming dense products or even frozen items. It is also an Energy Star unit.Please enjoy these, and until next month keep cooking!


Sirius and altair steamers Download Recipe