Master Series – September

This month’s Master Series will be focused on Labor Day and some items to serve outdoors, or at your event.

Cast Iron Blueberry Cobbler

First, I wanted to do an easy but delicious dessert that is very versatile no matter using an oven, an outdoor grill, or open fire.I did this Cast Iron Blueberry Cobbler in the Ventless Half Size Convection oven as a test of uniformity originally, but it’s a fail-safe recipe that I cannot take total credit for. One of my pastry chefs a couple of clubs back would do this for some of our holiday buffets (including Labor and Memorial day) and I always found myself waiting for the pan to come back to the kitchen so I could have the leftovers. The corners of this or the “crust” are amazing and I am really happy to share it with you. Add some vanilla bean ice cream and you will make a lot of friends!

Ventless Half-size Download recipe

Short Rib Biscuit Sliders

Secondly, and also staying with the Southbend line up this month, I used TruVapor. This now semi-famous biscuit recipe (especially if you ever came to the Southbend factory training back in the day) is the feature you could say. However, while working recently with a good Chef friend of mine in Clearwater Rick Pawlak, we took this to a new level. We took these biscuits and used them as sliders for an event. Once we started building them we talked about all the other great ideas we could or will serve at our future events. This one is topped with BBQ sauce and braised short rib with a sunny-side-up quail egg. But it could be a burger slider, a crabcake slider a pulled pork slider, or topped with roasted chicken salad and pimento cheese as a slider. The possibilities are endless! In any case, I thought I would share a great base recipe for you to build the slider that best fits your event. Tune-in next month for the Firex pressure braised short rib recipe that we did!

Please enjoy these and until next month, keep cooking!

Chef Jason Hall, CMC


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