Mastering Combination Cooking with Crown’s Innovative Braising Pan

This month’s Master Series focuses on Crown’s new Braising Pan, which I find particularly noteworthy. With its dual zone heating and cooking capabilities, this braising pan offers an innovative solution to a common issue I encountered during my time in private country clubs. For example, it can be difficult to sear proteins for parties and then switch to cooking vegetables at a lower temperature, or to adjust the temperature when adding tomato paste after searing. However, the Crown Braising Pan allows for combination cooking, enabling the user to cook the right product at the right temperature while simultaneously multitasking and accommodating various recipe needs.

Another standout feature of the braising pan is its digital control panel, which allows the user to program recipes for consistent results every time. This feature ensures that the machine, rather than the user, is in control of temperature and time, resulting in a repetitive consistency of production.

Korean Style Short Ribs

I recently had the opportunity to cook short ribs in the new pan, which exemplifies the benefits of combination temperatures with the dual zones and custom recipe settings. With these features, the short ribs were neither over nor undercooked, resulting in perfect Bao Buns filled with slow-braised Korean style short ribs and pickled vegetables.

I hope you find this information helpful and look forward to sharing more culinary insights with you in the future!

Best regards,

Chef Jason

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