The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Foodservice

In today’s society, energy efficiency is more important than ever. In addition to having a significant financial impact on your organization, it has favorable impacts on the environment. When it comes to commercial foodservice equipment, energy efficiency is essential for reducing running costs, increasing productivity, and maintaining a sustainable business. Below are several reasons explaining why and how commercial foodservice equipment should prioritize energy efficiency:

Lower operating costs

You can cut your utility bills by using energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment. Equipment that is energy-efficient uses less gas, electricity, and water, which reduces utility bills and can significantly affect your bottom line.

Longer equipment lifespan

Equipment that is energy-efficient is designed to operate at peak efficiency, which can lead to a longer lifespan. 

A more comfortable working environment

The environment in the kitchen can be improved thanks to energy-efficient technology, as the equipment generates less heat. This can improve the comfort of your employees and lessen the need for additional cooling apparatus, which can save energy expenses.


Many states and electric/gas utilities offer rebates or other incentives for the purchase of ENERGY STAR-qualified products.

So, how can you improve the energy efficiency of your commercial foodservice equipment?

ENERGY STAR Commercial kitchen equipment

One method is to choose appliances with the Energy Star label. The Energy Star program, which is supported by the government, promotes energy efficiency in a variety of industries, including foodservice equipment. The Energy Star-certified convection ovens from Southbend are designed to use less energy while offering excellent cooking results. These ovens allow you to increase efficiency and lower utility expenses without compromising cooking quality. Learn more about Energy Star at

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