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Middleby Innovation Kitchen

Southbend has been a proud Middleby Company for decades. Our very own sister steam brands, Crown, Market Forge, and Firex also joined Middleby in recent years. Being part of Middleby has allowed our customers to have endless product options for any of their kitchen needs. Over a year ago, Middleby opened the doors to a world-class commercial kitchen showroom. Where not only you can visit see the Middleby portfolio, but Southbend and Crown Steam Group products as well.

The Middleby Innovation Kitchen or “MIK” as it has come to be known is a 40,000 square foot test kitchen in Dallas Texas that features all of the Middleby brands.

For a Chef, it is truly “Culinary Disney Land”. The MIK provides customers with 15 active cooking vignettes – 150 pieces of live Middleby commercial kitchen equipment. Guests can explore, test, and understand on a deeper level what sets Middleby brands apart from the competition. From convection ovens to ranges, this variety appeals to any customer base from the small business owner all the way to a company that does food processing; we can offer options for them and everything in between.

The MIK also offers Chef-driven demonstrations by the onsite culinary team led by Russell Scott, CMC and Middleby brand Chefs who specialize in every type of cooking application. This allows for truly immersing the customers in the features and benefits like never before. See steaks being perfectly seared in a broiler or hamburgers cooked on a griddle. The MIK also offers a 70 person classroom and dining room, not to mention the “Chefs Table” which sits in the heart of the action between the Southbend and Jade suites. These custom-built suites showcase the limitless combination of broilers, griddles, charbroilers, fryers, open tops, planchas, cheesemelters, and salamanders.

Southbend Broiler Steaks
MIK Dinning Room

The concept was built for our customers and channel partners. It’s a one-stop destination for hands-on learning about the extensive Middleby line including Pizza, Bakery, Brewing, Combi, Steam and Automation, IoT, Delivery, and more. The kitchens also showcase the latest in beverage technologies for brewing/dispensing coffee, beer, frozen drinks, and nitrogenated and carbonated beverages.

If a guest would like to test out their potential kitchen lineup or are interested in a certain kitchen concept, The MIK also offers an AdHoc Kitchen. It can be set up to a customer’s specifications so they can design, build, rearrange and/or tear down their kitchen or a ghost kitchen layout until they are satisfied.

As a Chef, it is a remarkable place to cook, connect and explore all Middleby has to offer as well as provide in-depth culinary education in how we can as a brand can build a solution for any customer.

We invite you to reach out to us to schedule a visit and/or join us in one of our MAINS Contract and Design courses for a full experience to be exposed to the Middleby Portoflio and experience firsthand how great of a resource the MIK is for our dealers and users.

We look forward to seeing you at the MIK!

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