The G-Series Convection Oven, formerly Marathoner Gold, is available in several sizes to accommodate various kitchen needs. Ovens are available in standard or bakery depth, single or double deck, with Touchscreen controls. G-Series Convection Ovens now come with the NRG system standard. NRG is a system that saves 35-50% in operational cost by use of a patented damping system. This series features a stainless steel exterior and 90,000 BTU burners for quick temperature recovery. Standard Depth ovens and accommodate one full size (18″ x 26″) sheet pan per oven rack left to right in the oven. Bakery Depth ovens accommodate full size sheet pans OR two half size (18″ x 13″) sheet pans per oven rack. Two control panel options are available to provide versatility.

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Convection Ovens

Now Ventless

Why Ventless?

We have always been custom-solution-focused. It is our deepest pleasure to introduce the new Southbend Ventless Convection Ovens. The new Ventless Convection Ovens are the ideal solution for various cooking and kitchen situations.

  • Ventless alternatives when extra hood space is not available, expand capacity to enable higher volume production and/or menu growth.
  • Modifications such as ducted hoods and ventilation may be restricted in historic constructions and older buildings.
  • Many building designs including shopping centers, food courts, and air terminals do not lend themselves to conventional hood installations.
  • In high-rise structures, stadiums, and arenas, complex ductwork for typical hoods may be prohibitively expensive.
  • Ventless equipment is an excellent choice for leased premises.


How Ventless Works

A catalyst is anything that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Our catalyst is made of fins that are composed of stainless steel foil (user in prosthetic implants) and coated with other materials that are also common in toothpaste additive. The oxidation style catalyst is positioned above and below the oven fan. Air is constantly recirculated in and out of the catalyst. The aluminum oxide-coated fins react to the VOCs and grease vapor on a molecular level, safely converting them into H2O and CO2. In UL testing, our units produced 1.17 mg/m3 of grease-laden effluents, far exceeding the allowable 5mg/m3 limit set by the EPA.

Our Catalyst Design

Southbend's ventless solutions have several distinguishing qualities that set them apart from the competition. Our Convection Oven's footprint is unaffected by our catalytic design. There is no need for any additional equipment or utility connections. Our ventless design also eliminates the need for filter replacement.

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Product Features

  • Energy Star Compliant
  • 11kW high efficiency heating elements per cavity
  • Available standard and bakery depths
  • Single deck convection oven is 55” in height (with optional casters)
  • Digital Touchscreen Controls with manual, recipe, or rack modes. – NEW!
  • Patented “plug-in, plug-out” control panel – easy to service
  • Slide out control panel for full view servicing
  • Stainless Steel front, sides, and top
  • Stainless steel rear jacket
  • Dependent 2-piece glass doors (Full 180° opening)
  • Energy-saving high-efficiency glass windows
  • Heat keeping dual door seal system
  • Coved, fastener-free, porcelain interior
  • Stay cool heavy duty door handle
  • Two speed, 1/2 hp, fan motor
  • 11-position rack guides and 5 plated oven racks
  • Forced cool down fan mode
  • Interior oven lights

Options & Accessories

  • Ventless Design – NEW!
  • Stainless Steel exterior bottom
  • Casters 4” or 6”
  • Marine edge top
  • Swivel Caster – front with locks
  • Downdraft diverter for direct flue
  • Export crating
  • Stainless steel dirt tray
  • Stainless steel doors
  • Switch to Standard Controls – no charge

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