The Platinum Series provides professional performance that chefs and restaurateurs can depend on. Made with 100% Stainless Steel construction, the Platinum Series includes heavy-duty ranges, griddles, planchas, charbroilers, stock pot ranges, fryers, uniform hot tops, french tops, and broilers that can be combined for a 100% custom line-up to fit the needs of any high-volume operation.

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Product Features

  • 32" wide sectional range with 16" Hot Top and 16" Griddle
  • 9-1/4" deep front rail
  • Stainless steel front and sides
  • Fully insulated lining and burner box
  • 1-1/4" front gas manifold and 1" rear gas connection
  • 5" high stainless steel flue riser
  • Free battery-design assistance
  • 16" Hot Top with (2) 20,000 BTU NAT (18,000 BTU LP) burners with one high/low control knobs
  • Battery spark ignition
  • Removable steel plates with 700°F surface temperature on high setting
  • 16" Manual Griddle with (2) 20,000 BTU NAT (18,000 BTU LP) burners with one control knob
  • Battery spark ignition
  • 1" thick griddle plate with side and rear splashers
  • Removable stainless steel grease drawer
  • Stainless steel cabinet with removable doors that open from the center

Options & Accessories

  • External pressure regulator
  • Front rail options:
    • Cutouts in front rail for saucepans
    • 7-1/4″ deep front rail (to match old style sectional)
    • Square belly bar mounted on 7-1/4″ deep front rail
  • Casters (front two casters lock)
  • Cable restraint kit (to restrict movement when on casters)
  • Stainless steel oven interior
  • 24″ or 36″ high flue riser
  • Shelves on flue riser (one on 24″ flue riser, one or two on 36″ flue riser, 10″ deep, shelves not available above charbroilers)
  • Tray or tubular shelving (shelves not available above charbroilers, 12″ deep)
  • Open-frame base with casters for battery
  • Extra-deep rear-extending flue riser
  • Salamander or cheesemelter mounted on 36″ high flue riser
  • Removable shelf inside cabinet
  • Grooved griddle surface (Griddle Only)
  • Chrome griddle surface (Griddle Only)
  • Plated fish grids (Charbroiler only)
  • Additional top configurations available. Contact factory for details
  • Removable, cast iron grate tops

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