Commercial Broilers

We have 100+ years of experience in this industry. That experience is best illustrated with our broilers, an industry standard for over 40 years which can be found in some of the finest and most prestigious restaurants and steakhouses in the world. In the hectic environment of today’s steakhouses, you need three things from your equipment: speed, consistency and durability. Our heavy-duty construction can take whatever your kitchen dishes out. A hand built stainless steel frame construction is durable enough to take the punishing demands of a busy restaurant, night after night.
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Commercial Convection Ovens

We pride ourselves on being experts in the food service industry. We know how our customers work and what equipment works for them. Our convection ovens have all the features a busy kitchen needs from the inside out. The overall measure of any oven is the evenness of cooking. Our convection oven features soft heat mixing zone technology that allows hot air to be mixed with cooler air to produce tempered air, ensuring even baking and cooking.
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Commercial Deep Fryers

Southbend offers a variety of fryers, pasta cookers, and filter systems to fit all your kitchen’s needs. From low volume to high volume, we have you covered.
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Commercial Griddles and Charbroilers

The Southbend Heavy-Duty Counterline products are designed for medium to heavy-duty applications. Our counterline offers unsurpassed performance, combining proven control systems with Southbend quality and durability.
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Commercial Ranges and Stoves

Ranges are built to survive the rigors of low to high-volume kitchens. Southbend offers vast array of ranges in an almost unlimited number of designs and configuration to fit any kitchen’s need. Offering thousands of possible combinations, as well as options and accessories, personalizing your kitchen is up to you.
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Commercial Refrigerators

Southbend’s remote and self-contained refrigerated and freezer bases are formed by stainless steel constructions. Available in a range of sizes, 32”-108”, that can support any of the modular sectional range tops. Drawers are heavy duty and self-closing. CFC-free refrigeration system has an expansion valve for rapid temperature recovery.
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Suites and Batteries

Platinum Sectional Series is Engineered for the rigors of high volume kitchens with virtually unlimited designs to withstand the weight of large stock pots and the abuses seen in modern kitchens. With thousands of configurations to choose from, Southbend can help you deliver your promise to your customers.
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